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Groups for Mid-life Gay Men
10 WEEKS – 10 MEN:
10 Weeks –10 Men is a psycho-educational group experience that I
lead for mid-life gay men.  Ten participants commit to attend 10 consecutive
90 minute meetings of the group.  Over the 10 meetings, the men discuss a
variety of topics, some generated by the group and others generated by me.  
Through an exchange of shared experience about the past, present, and
future, voice is given to the participants’ experiences of mid-life and
opportunities for healing, flourishing, and reconnecting with their peers and
community are explored. Topics discussed by the group have included, but
are not limited to, honoring the past; reconnecting with the present; sex,
intimacy, and dating; coping with isolation and loneliness; finding new sources
of support; building new and existing friendships; healthy vs. unhealthy coping
styles; exploring how our histories with HIV has affected us today; imagining
our futures and considering the legacies we would like to pass to future
generations of gay men.  
Group Description
How the Group Works
The group meets on 10 consecutive Tuesday evenings from 6:00 pm – 7:30
pm.  Near the end of the 10 weeks, group members have the option of signing
on for another ten week cycle or saying good-bye.   Each 10 week cycle is
unique in that it contains both new and returning group members, and covers
topics specific to that group of 10 men.  Those participants who choose to say
goodbye are welcome to return to any future 10 week cycles.  In this way,
each participant can choose his own path for healing.
Interested in Joining the Group?
A pre-group interview is required to make sure the experience will match your
needs and expectations.  
Contact me if you’re interested in signing on for the
next cycle or if you have any questions.
Bruce Kellerhouse, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Chelsea Office